Review| Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil

I’ll be the first to tell you that I am 100% a highlighter junkie. I can’t help it! I’m like a pigeon  when it comes to shiny things. In my books, a good highlight can brighten your darkest days and solve your life’s problems. So when Fenty Beauty dropped their new Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil, I did what any good make-up addict would do and convinced myself I needed another highlighter in my collection.

On Sephora’s website the Diamond Bomb is described as “A one-of-a-kind, diamond-dusted highlighter that applies like a 3D glittering veil, delivering pure, show-stopping sparkle all over the face and body”. It’s cruelty free and is formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates. This highlighter comes in a single compact and contains 8 grams of product, which is comparable with the amount of product you receive in other high-end, single compact highlighters. It comes in one silvery, diamond shade, called How Many Carats?!, and costs about $46 CAD.


The packaging for this highlighter is absolutely stunning! It comes packaged in a gorgeous soft pink, metallic box, with a geometric print and glitter surrounding the Fenty Beauty logo. This is such an embarrassing admission, but the outside packaging is so beautiful that I kept it to display with the rest of my make-up collection (don’t judge me!). The compact is equally as gorgeous. Also a soft pink, it’s super metallic and reflective with specks of glitter on the outside. The compact is hexagonal in shape, similar to Fenty Beauty’s other highlighters, and is made of a nice, weighty plastic/ acrylic. The product inside the compact is packed in a nice dome shape, which I think allows for better product dispersion on your make-up brush and a nicer application. This compact also comes with a sizeable mirror on the inside that is easily adjustable for application on-the-go.


As suggested by its name, this highlighter is bomb…diamond bomb (such a dad pun, sorry!). I’m a sucker for a bold highlight and that is exactly what this is. The icy silver shade is not one that I usually go for, but it’s fabulous and looks like actual diamonds on my face. If you’re not a lover of highlights with a bit of glitter, than this is not for you. Although the flecks of glitter are small and fine, they are definitely still prominent. I also really love how soft and buttery the formula of this highlighter is. Even with glitter laced throughout, the formula is not scratchy or rough on the skin. I was also surprised at how easy this product was to remove at the end of the night. Typically, highlighters with glitter are way harder to get all the way off without leaving behind a lot of residual glitter, but this one came off quite easy with a make-up wipe.

Have you tried Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Bomb highlighter? What are your thoughts? Are there any other highlighter launches that are blowing your mind?


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