Review|BECCA First Light Priming Filter Instant Complexion Refresh

I’ve been in such a primer rut lately. I feel like I’ve tried every popular and super hyped primer Sephora has to offer and nothing seems to be working the way I need it to. This bleak Winter season isn’t helping either. My skin is unreasonably dry, even though I moisturize every day and night, and no primer seems to be sitting nicely. Everything seems to pill or leave my face super greasy and make-up application is almost impossible. What I need is something hydrating, but not too hydrating, brightening, and without that thick dimethicone feel (you know the feeling I’m talking about). Basically, what I need is a miracle!

Years ago I had tried the BECCA Backlight Priming Face Primer and remembered liking it for the most part. It provided a nice moisturizing feeling on the skin and gave a nice base for make-up. What I didn’t love were the sparkles (erm…”unique pearls” as they call it) it left all over my face. Luckily, I remembered that they came out with another primer, the First Light Priming Filter Face Primer, a couple of years later and decided to give it a try. The hope was that it would give me the moisturization and softness of the Backlight Primer without the glitter.

s2shx%phtfwkkepdycjvkqSephora describes this product as “a hydrating, color-neutralizing primer that creates the look of healthy, even skin tone with a natural finish”. This primer is “formulated with skin-quenching prickly pear, hydrating sodium hyaluronate, and energizing ginger, leaving skin feeling hydrated for all day makeup wear”. It’s free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates and costs $46 CAD for about 1 oz. of product. BECCA as a company is cruelty-free and does not test their products on animals.

The bottle component for this primer is made of a weighty, frosted glass that feels super lux and nice to hold. It also has a pump, which keeps the product inside safe from bacteria and dirt and allows for mess-free dispensing. The primer itself is purple in colour and smells faintly like Fruit Loops or Fruity Pebbles (it’s likely the pear I’m smelling). Once you rub the product into the skin, the purple tint disappears and you’re 3f6gxfxlrkeaansb1aulwwleft with a sheer base.

I really love this primer. It ticks all the boxes in terms of hydration, brightening the skin and leaving me with a soft, glowy base. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it hasn’t broken me out or caused any skin irritation. I also find that it does pretty well under make-up. It doesn’t cause any pilling, breaking up or other weird mishaps with additional base products like foundation and concealer. While this primer is not meant to help make-up last for an extended period of time, it does help it to last through a typical work day for me. I’ll definitely have to give this a try in the summer to see how it fares through heat and sweating, but I think I’ve found a new holy grail product. Yay! No more primer rut!

Have you tried the First Light Priming Filter Face Primer from BECCA? What were your thoughts? What primers are you loving on right now? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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