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Bridal shows were one of the many things I was excited to experience when I got engaged. I had never been to one before and always lusted after how fun and glamorous they seemed to be. Luckily, my long time friend and bridesmaid, suggested that we attend Canada’s Bridal Show on January 12. It would give us a chance to see what was out there in the bridal world, meet vendors and get ideas for my wedding. We managed to find some discounted tickets on Groupon and only paid $12 to get in! Honestly, websites like Groupon are a total hack for brides. Never pay full price for things like attending a bridal show when you don’t need to. Every dollar counts!

IMG_0458This year, Canada’s Bridal Show was at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto. It’s a super big and lovely space, exactly where you’d want an exhibition like this to be held. The first thing we did upon arriving was to register for the event. It was super quick and easy and honestly saved me so much headache in the end. Once you register, you’re given a pass with your name and a barcode on it. From what I can gather, the barcode on your pass contains your name and email address (although I entered a bit more information at registration than just that, so who really knows). As you go through the show from booth to booth, vendors are able to scan your barcode and get in touch with you later. This was such a smart and helpful feature. It really saved me a lot of time from manually signing up at each booth. One thing I would recommend is to consider making a new email account exclusively for wedding planning and contacting vendors. It will honestly save your everyday personal email from being clogged up during the planning process and beyond (another handy bride hack!).

I had a really positive experience at each of the booths that I visited. The vendors were really friendly and informative and many offered great deals that were exclusive to Canada’s Bridal Show. Although I wasn’t able to visit every single booth that was at the show, I felt it was really easy to breeze in and out of exhibits that caught my attention and that I thought were interesting. I managed to take a couple of photos from some of my favourite displays and thought that I would share them!

ApBp7TAGTtq98weTj%lsJAThe  exhibit for was probably one of my favourites. They had so many cute and elegant, yet simple ideas for gifts and wedding favours on display. One that really caught my eye was the baby succulent in the little glass jar. I instantly fell in love with how adorable it was! This is such a unique idea that I haven’t really seen done before at other weddings. I also love that it’s environmentally friendly and encourages guests to pot them for their home. The one that byPeterandPauls had on display came with a little tag that said “life would succ without you, be my bridesmaid?”. Such a cute gift for asking someone to be part of your bridal party. I’m considering using this idea for wedding favours and changing up the tag to say something like “let love grow” with our names and wedding date. I’ve been looking on Etsy to see if the succulent holders and tags can be purchased in bulk at a reasonable price. Depending on the number of guests, I really think this is something that can be very easily DIY’ed with a few girlfriends over some wine. I’ve found a few Etsy shops that will make their own rendition of the baby succulent wedding favour, but nothing that I’m 100% in love with or at a price point I think is reasonable. I’m also wondering how to ensure the succulents stay green and relatively alive in time for the wedding.  So if you have any ideas, tips or tricks, leave them in the comments below

EmqKY91YS2+4KWAfj9L8hw I also really loved the booth for Pearl Invitations. They had so many intricate and beautiful wedding invitations on display. It was like a magical paper wonderland! One style of invitation that really caught my eye were those that had lace-type envelopes like the ones in the photo to the left. I think they are so romantic and elegant and would tie in really well with the boho vibe I’m going for. The other type of invitation that seems to be really trendy right now are those that are printed on semi transparent paper. Pearl Invitations also had a few of these on display, but I’m not totally sure if I’m a fan or not. While they’re creative and super interesting to look at, I want to ensure my wedding invitations are also practical and readable. Since the bridal show, I’ve been inspired and have started digging online for a design program, templates or online print shop. I’ve been loving looking through the hundreds of different invitation, RSVP and enclosure card designs on They have an amazing selection of styles and themes, with lots of different fonts and backgrounds. The price point for a full set of invitations and RSVP cards look to be pretty reasonable, so I am definitely going to keep on my list of possible vendors for my invitations. I would be curious to know if any of you have used before and if the quality of their product was what you expected. Be sure to let me know in the comments.

Overall, I’m really happy that I went to Canada’s Bridal Show. I met a lot of really great vendors and managed to come away with a few ideas for my own wedding. I would definitely love to attend another bridal show – perhaps one of a smaller and more intimate scale (if those even exist haha!). Are any of you planning on going to Canada’s Bridal Show when it comes back again this fall? What do you hope to get out of the experience? Have you already attended a bridal show before? What are some tips and tricks you would share for a first time attendee? Leave your thoughts below!

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